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Business Coach in London

We offer what we feel is a unique combination of experience built up over 25 years of media sales and the theory, such as the models and tools taught to MBA students at the world's leading business schools.

Our experience is varied and wide ranging and has been gained from dealing with thousands of clients across many different sectors ranging from retailers to motor dealers, estate agents to dentists, online to entertainment.

Every time E Business Coaching meets a new client our aim was to completely understand that client's business before we suggesting potential solutions - after all you wouldn’t want an optician supplying you glasses without an eye test!

This practical experience compliments the knowledge, models and frameworks acquired whilst studying for and being awarded and Master of Business Administration (MBA) in 2007.

MBA students are taught the same syllabus at business schools around the world, whether Harvard, Cambridge or Leicester.

In addition to the MBA qualifications we various marketing qualifications which concentrate on the fundamentals of marketing and consumer behaviour, advertising, Public Relations (PR), direct marketing and sales promotion.

Our vision is as follows;

To share the knowledge, skills and tools taught at the world’s leading business schools in order to help business owners and managers run their businesses more effectively.
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