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So many people start their business to give themselves some independence, some freedom, more time for themselves. The reality however is that running a business takes a lot of time and effort if the structure of the business isn’t right or there are no systems in place.

Of course, your business should be run in the way that you would run it yourself, introducing the systems that ensure this will happen means that you don’t have to be there to ensure this is the case.

E Business Coaching can help you plan, organise and control your business so that you save time and money as well as feel less stressed. Whether you are a sole trader, work with contractors or employ staff, we can help you take your business from where it is today to where you want it to be in the future.

Every one of our clients is unique. Each has different ideas of how their business is run, what it will eventually look like and the length of time they think it might take them to get there.

E Business Coaching tailors the way we work with each client, blending business coaching and consultancy so that the business sees results quickly.

In addition, we offer clients the flexibility to meet as often as is convenient for them. This will usually be determined by the time frame within which they want to achieve their objectives.

Finally, unlike many business coaches and business consultants, our fees are tied to achieving the objectives we have agreed with our client at the beginning of our relationship. This is our way of sharing the risk any new partnership carries in terms of achieving a win-win situation.

We work with business owners in London and Kent. Please feel free to get in touch with us now.

Some kind words from our clients

  • Robert Evans
    "Paul has been extremely helpful in assisting us in the focus needed for the launch of our new venture and ground-breaking service. Paul is able to draw on decades of experience across a number of industries to distil that knowledge to produce the desired results. Always helpful and with a generous spirit Paul has been a great help to us and we thank him for that and have no doubt he has made a significant contribution."
    Robert Evans
    Property Wealth Management Ltd.
  • Lewis Malka
    "I write this letter to show my appreciation to you in the way you helped me to understand how best to make my business grow. When I first came to see you I was in a terrible state and couldn't understand why. You kindly offered to performed a SWOT analysis. This enabled me to better recognise the strengths, weaknesses, opportunities and threats that are not only in my business but also those of my nearest competitors. the first thing you suggested was to do away with my promotional mugs. Apparently my slogan, "don't be a mug get a mug", was crap and possibly offensive. Now, six months down the line, I have a better understanding of business through all you've taught me. I have no hesitation in referring you to my friends and colleagues, providing their business doesn't conflict with mine."
    Lewis Malka
    Lewis Malka London
  • Matteo Bianchi
    "I personally wanted thank you for your great service during the recent months. When I decided to appoint you for the Business Health Check over my company I was very curious and somehow intrigued on what benefits it could have brought to my business. Well, after the first minutes of our first meeting I knew you were going to come up with some unvaluable insights for my business and I still look nowadays at the extensive report you kindly left me. I feel now focused, committed and keep referring to my unique selling point which will be a key to move my business forward. Thanks for helping business to achieve the next step and look forward to working with you in the newr future."
    Matteo Bianchi
    Matteo Bianchi Studio
  • Mark Weeks
    "Thank you so much for the work you did with my me on my company's health-check earlier this year. The report you provided and the insight you shared has been invaluable in helping me reinvigorate my business. At the end of 2016, I was at a complete cross-road with regard to my business. Though it had been one of my best years ever, it had also been a very difficult year: the Google business model which had been the center of my business for years had changed dramatically, I had changed my office location back to a home office, and to compound it all, had broken my foot and just wasn't really all that inspired. Sitting down with you was one of the smartest things I did in 2016. It provided me the opportunity to reflect on what I had achieved and focus on the aspects of my business that I really enjoy - while at the same time identify the aspects I was willing to move past. You were patient, asked solid questions and took my brain dump and transformed it into a succinct and actionable plan. I have been relucant in the past to being open for coaching assistance, but the work you have done with me was simple and to the point - and well-worth the time and investment. I would happily recommend you to any of my friends and peers."
    Mark Weeks
    Mark Weeks Photography

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There is an analogy that's been used several times to highlight the different approaches to business help. If you were wishing to learn to ride a bike, who would be the best person to hire to achieve your goal? A consultant, a mentor or a coach? You’d like to work with someone that could help you to reach your goal quickly but which type of help would be best?

Business Consulting:

A consultant is an expert in bike riding. They’ve already mastered the bike riding process and figured out the most efficient way to do it. They will typically assess what you’ve been doing so far and provide you with a detailed plan on how to do it correctly, complete with a step by step process. With business consulting, the consultant focuses on the problem.

Business Mentoring:

A mentor has been riding a bike for quite some time and is there to share what they know about the process. They want to see you be successful and are willing to spend time with you. It could be compared to learning by seeing. With business mentoring, the mentor has most likely have had the problem too.

Business Coaching:

A coach will help you achieve your goal of riding a bike by asking thought-provoking questions and shining a light on your strengths. They work with you to tap into what you already know and help you break through your limiting beliefs. A coach will run alongside you holding the bike steady while you’re learning. With business coaching, the coach is focused on you.

Even though each role is different, there can be, and often is, overlap. My approach is to blend all three techniques with the balance varying based on the individual client’s needs. We decide between us following on from our initial ‘chemistry’ session.

Some clients want to learn skills they can utilise in the future and so may opt for 70% coaching, 20% mentoring and 10% consulting where others just want me to come up with and implement the solution for them with minimal input from them (90% consultancy and 10% coaching).

Why not contact me to see how we could help your business?


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